It is now often take the ABC, with young people and newcomers who know nothing of our long effort and tend to approach our techniques by teaching through and not experimental and we have a hard time incorporating a movement they will be the workers before being beneficiaries.

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Long always work, sometimes desperate because we remain long undecided on the success of new launches that in the complex system of production. And I think we have to pay special tribute one day to the imposing mass of generous and dedicated comrades who applied for years in this humble task and yet necessary, they have not always been the happy fulfillment. Our techniques have now ceased to be an “experience”. They are a reality that will enroll homework help
more or less rapidly in the official school practice it is called to regenerate and modernize. Not that we declare closed the era of research. When a company launches its new model, it is by laying off point for that its researchers and technicians who are preparing to receive future productions of mechanical innovations, the list never closed. We continue and we will continue our pioneering work, but we now deliver to users – the great mass of educators – a technique that has been developed during 35 years of groping in thousands of classrooms and we guarantee the proper operation and performance. This certainly does not mean that our techniques will thus penetrate suddenly in the majority of our classes. The profound change that they assume in the School working methods is undoubtedly an obstacle to their rapid spread. You can easily change a manual or change a program; but adopt new forms of work and life, accept new relationships with students, replace the word with the sovereign experience, obviously assume a favorable combination of a number of conditions which we are not always masters: local , hardware and tools, number of students, and also initiation and training of teachers to a life of technique that is different in its very principles which sometimes permanently marked them. The new vehicle, which is launched on the market and the producer which guarantees perfection as it is at the beginning a small clientele but you look through, compared to the machines we have, we talk about it, and they say already: in a year when I have been saving, when I turn my machine ,,!. Our techniques are there: we talk, we know them, we discuss them and we already said, in the coming year for the next Barrange law … In the course except those, and they are alas! still many who feel unable to get used to a new machine and prefer to use the familiar mechanical rope, or who say simply to walk, which is my very wise faith. Here we are. The test we face is not easy. It will be even more delicate than that we accept us because we did not have to persuade and explain but to achieve. It is now often take the ABC, with young people and newcomers who know nothing of our long effort and tend to approach our techniques by teaching through and not experimental and we have a hard time incorporating a movement they will be the workers before being beneficiaries. We encounter in this new outreach campaign to all obstacles, all opposition to all the slogans that we believe exceeded. We need to repeat ourselves, constantly returning to our roots while presenting, to motivate action, the undoubted successes show. Parents often say: “It is not when the children are young we have the most concern, but when it launches in the world where they may escape us and betraying your teachings that we had applied give them, “We see as our concerns are serious when we launch our technology outside the circle where they took shape and have emerged to confront their destiny. For a pedagogical method is only valid if it can claim to have a significant effect the normal school practices. We began the operation. We are much more than before and listened to the needs of those who have not yet joined us, beginners and especially young people, the working papers have revealed the real concerns, doubts and also hopes: business meetings, exhibitions, demonstrations, introduction of ENS and alternates, wide distribution of our brochures. Our achievements this year are primarily aimed at the extension of our techniques: the educator who is the official organ of our movement, the axis to guide and direct our joint activity; Library Work which we would make use familiar to all classes by publishing guides sheets for lessons or conferences; the Wave, which could be even better reflect the school newspaper, the number and diversity grow in a comforting way; essentially practical B.T. supplements, which provide all the masters of the new possibilities for addressing child labor. The Library of the Modern School which we have just released the first two issues, will make available to all educators theoretical and technical studies that will be the foundation of modern pedagogy whose superiority over traditional pedagogy is now obvious. The use of other sales, a workbook for File Cooperative School, will make possible in all classes the creation of this tool # 2 of our techniques (# 1 is obviously the press at the School now complemented by the limographe the low price of 5000 F now puts within reach of all classes). With free text, printing at the School, the limographe and trade, with the documentary-file and the BT range, with the self-corrective sheets, drawing, disk and tape, with work plans , conferences and patents, our teaching has taken shape; it has the essential tools of successful experience, and thousands of schools that, in every corner of France, are the living cells of the new construction. With his tools, publications, prototypes, and its resonances, our movement is now a vibrant part of the French Secular School. As such they have many friends now, associations and movements whose parallel action benefits us. The administration itself, without pronouncing a decisive manner is mostly favorable to this slow impregnation of public education by the Modern School of achievements whose success is undeniable. This is why it was possible to make this year a number of initiatives which it is superfluous to say the happy prospects here: – This is the agreement and cooperation of decision made with the Movement of School Cooperatives, brother of our movement. The O.C.C.E. officially participate in our Congress of Avignon which will be sealed this common will for action to promote a school worthy of our century democracy and productive work. – This is the issue of our magazine Life Skills which our subscribers received two issues, published by the Modern School group involving educators from all levels and from all countries, and that applies to analyze and promote principles that our achievements have revealed the scope. – This is the launch finally, Elise Freinet, review childlike art, the No. 2 press is a masterpiece and wonderfully magnifies some of the happy results of our techniques. The new magazine, now assured of a wide extra-school age will add to this resonance which we said the need. The themes themselves of mental health and modernization of education beyond the current school design techniques to show how our new working arrangements and new tools are likely to shake and to reconsider the practices of which only seniority and tradition explain the stubborn survival. * So much for the past and present. What will we do during the year? We will discuss the Congress of the content of our Educator always very difficult to balance. Should we devote a number of pages to the initiation of newcomers, which we maybe would of new subscribers, but would no major interest to the mass of our readers? Or should we reserve our review to a kind of discussion 2nd stage, for the benefit of those who are already more or less sophisticated in our movement? I believe both goals difficult to reconcile.

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