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Although not specifically designed for the COVID-19 pandemic, tools for general capacity assessment for health emergency preparedness can be helpful. WHO has produced a tool outlining critical preparedness, readiness and response actions.

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Exact titles and even author/researcher names are not common. You may have to skim several issue tables of contents before finding the correct article. Consumer Health articles include Health News articles, but also magazines such as Prevention and Health. Articles in these magazines are usually accurate, but may be slanted towards the general purpose of the magazine (for instance, few “natural health” magazines will run articles praising antibiotics) and the advertisers.

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Dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, and other reference books in medicine and the health sciences. Like News, Consumer Health articles will usually mention research, but may not be too specific about an actual reference. Mentions of “latest issue of ” are common, so the date of the journal may be hard to pinpoint exactly.

Bias is more likely to be homepage in the form of neglected information or topics, rather than outright falsehood. Commentary on medical info that’s made the news by the experts at the Merck Manual. There is also a Professional Edition version for medical professionals. The type of health information you use should match your purpose. View more journals in the Health Psychology & Medicine subject area.

1H ago California wildfires decimate more than 1 million acres More than 14,000 exhausted firefighters are battling nonstop flames in the Golden State. New Haven area data related to all sorts of community iniatives. Over 1000 (as of 3/14) data sets from federal government agencies and researchers specifically in the health and healthcare field.

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  • The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two preceding years.
  • Learn to recognize and identify uses for different types of health information.

Laboratory PCR testing (molecular testing for SARS-CoV-2) immediately prior to departure or on arrival may provide information about the status of travellers. However, laboratory results should be interpreted with caution, since a small proportion of false negative and false positive results may occur. If conducted, testing should be accompanied by a comprehensive COVID-19 follow up, for example, by advising departing travellers who have been tested to report any symptoms to local public health authorities. If the testing is conducted on arrival, all travellers should be provided with an emergency phone number in case symptoms develop. A relevant case management protocol should be followed in case of a positive test.

The Guardian newspaper in the UK has been posting its data sets since 2009. Obviously, these data sets are heavily weighted towards British data.

Library databases for specific subjects are one example of these services. There are also specific publications that highlight and summarize research occuring in the time period between issues .

Travellers should self-monitor for the potential onset of symptoms on arrival for 14 days, report symptoms and travel history to local health facilities and follow national protocols. In accordance with WHO guidance on contact tracing in the context of COVID-19, contacts of confirmed cases should be quarantined or asked to self-quarantine as part of national response strategies .

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Agencies and organizations that produce reports and statistics on health and social policy topics. There are an increasing number of data sets related to healthcare available, many for free. Data sets are collections of raw numbers–survey results, budgets, mapping data, etc.–which are available for download in some standard format. See more about Recognizing and Reading Research Articles on the next tab.

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